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Qatar Industrial Gases Co.’s (QIGC) quality oriented services in the field of the industrial Gases have led us to an enviable growth in this sector, with a vision to meet the market requirement of industrial gases and other significant works pertinent to this field.

By realizing that, the products of superior quality can only survive in the market, and our dedicated work force has taken extra effort to achieve the goal, which has been rewarded. We are enjoying THE COMPANY IS MANAGED BY A TEAM OF EXPERTS WHO HAVE VAST EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE IN THE PROCESS AND SERVICES OF INDUSTRIAL GASES.

Our services cover medical facilities like hospitals, clinics, and health care centers besides industrial, construction, and technical applications.


Oxygen Gas
The majority of the oxygen by BOC Guesses is used by the Glenbrook steel mill to oxidize unwanted impurities in the steel .
Medical Oxygen
At Maxwell Oil & Gas Services, we always offer a complete range of services, from geoscience data collection and analytics to data management to geological and reservoir 3D.
Compressed Air
Our natural resources engineering expertise has standards, best practices, processes and requirements much higher than the industry-standard ones...
Delivery Models
When it comes to having the ability to access the best Liner Hangers, Drilling Bits, Production and Wellheads, we have an exclusive cooperation going on.